Puzzle Cubes

Three-dimensional cube puzzles

The simplest of these puzzles has three interlinking layers. I made a couple of different versions, one from maple and one from oak. They each take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to solve.


Elaborating on the first design, I made a larger, six layer puzzle. The shortest solve time on this one has been fifty-one minutes.


The most difficult puzzle I have made thus far – the Black Box. This one has seven layers, with multiple pieces per side of the cube. No one has solved this one yet, but as an indication of difficulty, it took me thirty-six minutes to put it together without referring to my notes and I’m the one that designed it.


This next one is a variation I made where the puzzle pieces aren’t the flat sides of the cube, but rather the corners. It only has one layer, but because of the three-dimensional nature of each piece, some of them have to be put together in a specific order, and from a certain direction.


The Key Puzzle has six pieces that fit vertically, through the middle of each side, and are set apart with blue dye stain.


This tower puzzle consists of three stacked, yellow puzzle cubes that interlock. The black walls build onto the outside to form the rest of the tower, with yellow windows showing through.


If anyone is interested in purchasing anything shown here, feel free to contact me for prices and time-frame, or send me a message with any questions:

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